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Glue Ear / Otitis Media

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Otitis Media is the painful accumulation of fluid in the eustachian tube of the ear that is often a site of infection from coughs/ colds. This can cause pain and discomfort to the child resulting in fever, ear pulling, pain, temporary hearing loss.

Glue ear is a chronic condition caused by thick and tenacious fluids collecting in the eustachian tube normally filled with air resulting in the hearing becoming muffled.

It is important to note that in children the Eustachian tube is more horizontal and smaller than in adults and this is one of the reasons why Glue Ear and Otitis Media is relatively common in children.

Glue ear and Otitis Media are one of the most common childhood illnesses and without medical treatment can affect the way a child's speech developes and cause them to fall behind at school.

Seek advice from your local GP for fever and pain control.

For further advice please call us on 020 7586 6022 so we can refer you to the best Medical Practitioner.
Camilla & Damien have personal experience of a child with ear problems and are happy to chat and advise as a fellow mother and father.

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