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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a whole body system of medicine that relieves the presenting symptoms together with the underlying cause.


Common Injuries

We treat a wide range of common injuries such as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, migrane prevention, foot pain, muscle spasm & frozen shoulder.


Contact & Location

Find out where we're based, how to contact us and various details regarding opening hours and a list of various directions.


Osteopaths in Belsize Park, London NW3 and St Johns Wood

Our registered osteopaths have specialised and trained in different areas offering our customers with the very best in a comprehensive range of osteopathic treatments. They have become experts in the following fields: sports injuries, frozen shoulder, back pain, biomechanical analysis & bespoke orthotic prescription and our new mothers and baby's cranial osteopathy clinic. Simply tell us your problem / injury and we will assign you the specialist osteopath to suit your needs.

Our osteopaths have help patients with sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, joint and muscle pain, trapped nerves, repetitive strain, pregnancy back pains and phone us for the baby clinic. Click Here

Back And Active Osteopaths London prides itself in providing the finest diagnosis and treatment using a multi-integrated holistic approach, finding and treating the cause and symptoms of each injury delivering rehabilitation to prevent recurrent injury.

All osteopaths at Back And Active Osteopaths London are insured and registered with the appropriate professional organisations and attend regular development courses in their specific disciplines.


Our on site rehabilitation equipment and injury prevention. Keep your PAIN AWAY.

Outstanding Functional Trainer & Dual Adjustable Pulley at Back & Active Osteopaths, Belsize Park. The functional trainer allows you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. Your osteopath will prescribe you exercises that are designed to move the way your body should naturally moves. Many of the freestanding exercises incorporate core, secondary, and stabilising muscles, giving you a more efficient rehabilitation and workout. This is not just a machine for rehabilitation but can be used for injury prevention.

Book in to see Damien now for your assessment at Back & Active Osteopaths Belsize Park,NW3.

What Our Patient's are saying

James, Triathlete, NW3 "I can highly recommend Damien and the The Back & Active clinic, The knee pain i suffered unnecessarily for years is gone thanks to their experience, treatment style and the amazing orthotics running is a joy again."
Randa Pettifor "Going to Damien gave me inspiration and confidence. His positive engagment, constant motivation and skilled treatments got me back playing tennis, which i thought i would never do again. Thank you Damien."
Dr. T. Maddox "Damien treated me for infrapatellar tendinitis and quickly got to the cause of the problem. His treatment was thorough, knowledgeable and sensible and the symptoms quickly improved. I would recommend him unreservedly."