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Flat Feet or Over Pronation

The normal foot arch acts as a shock absorber for our body.
With every step we place up to four times our body weight on the foot, depending on whether we are walking, running, or jumping.

Without this shock absorption the force of each step will eventually cause damage to the bones, ligaments and muscles of the foot, leg, and lower back.

If left untreated, the foots bones could collapse thus unable to act as a shock absorber resulting in pain in the foot, and eventually the knee, hip, and lower back.

Pronation is the inward roll of the foot during normal motion and occurs as the outer edge of the heal strikes the ground and the foot rolls inward and flattens out. A moderate amount of pronation is required for the foot to function properly. However, when excessive pronation does occur the foot arch flattens out and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments underneath the foot.

If left untreated, over pronation may be the cause of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, frequent ankle sprains, shin splints, weak and painful arches, and eventually knee, hip, lower back pain and even headaches.

Our Osteopaths can assess the biomechanics of the feet and body and prescribe bespoke orthotics for the individual, exercises and treatment to prevent these problems. (See Orthotics)

What Our Patient's are saying

James, Triathlete, NW3 "I can highly recommend Damien and the The Back & Active clinic, The knee pain i suffered unnecessarily for years is gone thanks to their experience, treatment style and the amazing orthotics running is a joy again."
Randa Pettifor "Going to Damien gave me inspiration and confidence. His positive engagment, constant motivation and skilled treatments got me back playing tennis, which i thought i would never do again. Thank you Damien."
Dr. T. Maddox "Damien treated me for infrapatellar tendinitis and quickly got to the cause of the problem. His treatment was thorough, knowledgeable and sensible and the symptoms quickly improved. I would recommend him unreservedly."