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Shin Splints

Shin Splints usually applies to pain in the front of the leg, occurring between the ankle and the knee normally 3-16cm above the foot. It is effectively an inflammatory reaction involving the deep tissues of the lower leg and may involve tendons & muscles. The pain is usually initiated by walking, running, or jumping.The pain can occur anteriorly or medially (the inner side).

Anterior Shin Splints: The Tibialis Anterior Muscle runs at the front of the shin to the foot allowing your foot to flex upwards towards the shin. If the foot and leg are biomechanically correct this muscle functions efficiently and without pain. When inflamed it causes pain. Inflammation can occur when the foot is pronated (the foot rolls inwards) causing tiny tears in the muscle.

Posterior Shin Splints: The Soleus and the Tibialis Posterior muscle attached around the back of the knee running down the back and inner side of the leg attaching to the foot. On pronation of the foot (the foot rolls outward), these muscles are forced to become twisted causing tiny tears or “pulled” producing pain.


  • Mechanical problems with the feet such as "over pronation" or flat feet. This causes your ankles to roll in towards each other and disturbs your normal walking pattern. If a foot over pronates the structures of the leg are stretched and put under stress, which increases the possibility of injury. (See Orthotics)
  • Over training.
  • Tight calf muscles or muscle spasm.
  • Training on hard surfaces such as concrete.
  • Sudden increases in training can lead to Achilles tendonitis.
  • Improper shoes, inadequate shock absorption.
  • Excessive rotation of the hip.
  • Minor Sports Injury
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James, Triathlete, NW3 "I can highly recommend Damien and the The Back & Active clinic, The knee pain i suffered unnecessarily for years is gone thanks to their experience, treatment style and the amazing orthotics running is a joy again."
Randa Pettifor "Going to Damien gave me inspiration and confidence. His positive engagment, constant motivation and skilled treatments got me back playing tennis, which i thought i would never do again. Thank you Damien."
Dr. T. Maddox "Damien treated me for infrapatellar tendinitis and quickly got to the cause of the problem. His treatment was thorough, knowledgeable and sensible and the symptoms quickly improved. I would recommend him unreservedly."